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Getting On The Instagram Explore Page

Have you ever wondered about the Instagram #ExplorePage ? It seems impossible to get your content there, amiright? 🤔 Well, here is some info on how your explore page feed is curated, and how to better your chances of appearing on someone else feed!

✨How Your Explore Feed is Curated:

1️⃣ Follows + Likes - aka what YOU'RE currently following and liking (beauty, memes, sports, dogs, etc), but only from accounts that you're NOT already following.

2️⃣ Videos - there is a big push to drive more video content across IG since they auto-play in the explore page.

3️⃣ Visual // Animated Stories - using 15 second videos, animations, graphics, gifs, stickers, polls // quizes, this helps your content rank better.

✨How To Better Your Chances:

1️⃣ Actually Use Your Analytics - see what content you’re putting out is performing the best on the explore page. And what times perform well for YOU, and capitalize on that.

2️⃣ Video Content > Photo Content - change it up, add subtitles to videos, stop motion, gifs, time lapse, animations, boomerangs, moving backgrounds, DIY, tutorials, tips, GET ON IGTV!

3️⃣ Tag Relevant Brands // Companies In Your Posts - what you're wearing, tagging the city you’re in, apps you use to edit, people who inspire you — but please don’t be annoying or spammy.

4️⃣ Hashtags - use them on your posts AND stories, BUT don’t use ALL popular Instagram hashtags, be semi-selective. Use some that are related to your content, but the niche hashtags for your industry .

Getting on the explore page is NOT easy, and there is no guarantee. But implementing these things does help, and if anything will help you reach some new eyes!

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