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Why Instagram Saves Are Super Important

👇🏼✨Why Instagram Saves Are Super Important

We’ve all seen Instagram starting to remove likes… so now the “success” of static posts metrics that are valued by brands // companies will most likely be turning toward “saves” or bookmarks of your posts.

Saves are an important factor for how the Instagram algorithm functions — AKA the more saves you get on a post, the more people it will be shown to in feed. 📱

FYI — the algorithm uses 7 factors to rank a post in the Instagram feed, and one of those is saves.

It calculates the number of saves on a post and see’s that as quality content — so when people save your post it indicates to Instagram that it’s high quality content so it pushes it to more people (which is great). ➡️🤓

Look at the posts that get the most saves on your profile — it helps you understand what your audience is most connected with.

Try giving your audience tips, tricks, happy hours, how-to’s, fun facts, long captions, just helpful shit people can use.💡

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