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Why You’re Not Getting Found On IG

Optimimizing Your “Name Field” W/ Keywords — The “Name” field in your Instagram bio (NOT YOUR IG HANDLE) is searchable, and completely customizable; aka you can change it to word(s) that highlights what your profile or business is.

Optimize Your Bio W/ Hashtags // Keywords — Similar to the Name field, your bio should have keywords about your brand // business. AND the hashtags you add are clickable! This can boost your chances of appearing not just in the search results for your account, but if someone searches for the hashtag too.

Add a Location to Your Posts + Stories! — Adding a location to your posts gives you a better chance at appearing in the search results of that location. If someone taps on the Places tab on the Search page, your post // story can appear on the search! AKA more views, engagement, and potential followers.

Actually Use Hashtags in Your Posts + Stories — hashtags are proven to work. 12.6% more engagement on posts with than without hashtags. When someone searches for a hashtag in Search, the results appear in the Top tab and the Tags tab — so double the chances of being discovered.

Clear Your Search History — No…not like that perv. Clearing your search is like a clean slate when you’re researching similar or likeminded brands // companies. Clearing gives you a better idea of who IG is suggesting to you to follow.

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