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Why Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone is SO Important

✨Why Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone is SO Important 👏🏻👇🏼

Many of us think of the saying “Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable" as a cheesy motivational poster, or something your old sports coach said to you after a hard practice.

Because being in the comfort zone, there’s a sense of familiarity, security, or certainty. And who REALLY wants to leave that…❌

And when you DO step outside of that comfort zone, you take a risk, and open yourself up to the possibility of stress, anxiety, uncertainty, possible failure, unhappiness.

👉🏼 BUT you also open yourself up to a world of discovery, creativity, love, happiness, and growth!

🔺Life Becomes Fun + Lively : appreciating what you have, you say YES more, stress levels decrease while making decisions isn’t so scary + tough

🔺Helps You Grow : in your career, your friendships, love life, skill set, etc

🔺Discovering More About Yourself : see things from a new perspective, ideas and creative thoughts you never knew you had, opportunities you WANT to take chances on

Just a reminder — there’s always more OUTSIDE, than what lies WITHIN your comfort zone.

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